.Same Way’s presentation「The Fatal Raid」in「2019 Okinawa International Film Festival」 [2019.04]
.Net movie「最冏麻花」production Note [2018-2019]
.「Love Revolution」premiere in Tokyo [2018.11.10]
.「Summer of Fire」Sammy Hung and Samuel Pang won「Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role」in 「The 3th Golden Net Award」 [2018.10.15]
.「Love and Lost in Tokyo」in「2018 Okinawa International Film Festival」 [2018.04]
.Sam Leong, one of Jury in「Foshan Kung Fu Young Master」 [2018.03.17]
.《「Love and lost in Tokyo」shooting in HK [2017.11]
.「Love and lost in Tokyo」shooting in Tokyo [2017.10]
.Special guest Sam Leong attended Director Andrew Lau's personal exhibition in Dong Guan [2017.08.18]
.Sam Leong attended Beautiful HK Short Film Program Award Ceremony as one of the judges. [2017.06.21]
.Sam Leong celebrated The 85th anniversary of Hou Kong Middle School (Macao) as a member of Elite Alumni. [2017.06.09]
.【Summer of Fire燃燒的夏】Movie Stills [2017.05.14]
.【Summer of Fire燃燒的夏】Crank In Ceremony [2017.04.30]
.【Love Revolution】in 9th OKINAWA INTERNATIONAL MOVIE FESTIVAL [2017.04.23]
.【Love Revolution】GALA PREMIERE in OKINAWA [2017.04.23]
.Sam Leong attended 2nd Short Movie Contest【Macau University of Science and Technology】as one of the judges. [2017.04.19]
.Sam Leong , As a special guest in《Our 17》Macau premiere. [2017.03.27]
.【Love revolution】 was invited to become the 3rd "New Directors Film Festival" opening film ! [2016.11.05]
.Raychell, One of Leading Cast in Love Revolution, PV Shooting in HK [2016.06]
.【Death Note Spinoff! 】HK Location shooting [2016.06]
.【Death Note Spinoff! 】Japan Location shooting [2016.05]
.Sam Leong in The 10th Asian Film Awards [2016.03]
.Sam Leong in HK FILMART [2016.03]
.Japan location shooting [2015.11]
.《Love Revolution》Thailand shooting [2015.10]
.Sam leong lecture in Macau University of Science and Technology [2015.12.03]
.《Guia In Love》Premiere Gala [2015.09.15]
.《Guia In Love》Talk in University of Macau [2015.09.15]
.《Guia In Love》Promotion Event in Dragon Centre [2015.09.15]
.《Guia In Love》, The Special Screening in Cinematheque.Passion [2015.09.14]
.《Headline Daily》Reported《Guia In Love》 [2015.09.14]
.《Guia In Love》Talk in Hong Kong Baptist University [2015.09.11]
.《Eastweek》Reported《Guia In Love》 [2015.09.09]
.《濠江中學校友會》presented 《Guia In Love》Premiere Gala in Macau [2015.09.07]
.《Headline Daily》Reported 《Guia In Love》[ [2015.09.07]
.《Headline Daily》Reported 《Guia In Love》 [2015.09.04]
.《Apple Daily》Reported 《Guia In Love》 [2015.09.01]
.《Sing Tao Daily》Reported 《Guia In Love》 [2015.08.30]
.《singpao》 reported《Guia in Love》 [2015.08.11]
.《》 reported《Guia in Love》 [2015.08.10]
.《Sudden Weekly》《Guia in Love》Wilson Lam Interview [2015.08.07]
.《East Week》《Guia in Love》Annie Liu Interview [2015.08.05]
.From《Headline Daily》 [2015.08.01]
.《Sudden Weekly》《Guia in Love》Wong You Nam Interview [2015.07.31]
.《Guia in Love》 Vivian Chan、BabyJohn interview [2015.07.26]
.《Guia in Love》music Trailer screening in HKCEC [2015.07.26]
.《The Love and Heritage Photo Contest》X《Guia in Love》at Sofitel Macau [2015.07.24]
.《Guia in Love 》photo stills [2015.05.15]
.《The Fist Stone》Won the prize of the 2015 Christian International Film Festival - Honorable Mention [2015.04.26]
.《Guia in Love》main cast to attend 1st Macau International Movie Festival [2015.04.25]
.《Guia in Love》snapshots [2015.04.21]
.《Guia in Love》interview 《Headline Daily》 [2015.04.17]
.《Guia in Love》Production Team visit Macao Foundation [2015.03.31]
.《Guia in Love》Crank In Ceremony [2015.03.27]
.Sam Leong visit Cultural Affairs Bureau of Macau [2015.03.02]
.《Love Revolution》Producers meeting with Natsuna--the main cast of 《Love Revolution》, Japan [2015.02.15]
.《Guia in Love》casting in Macau《Macau Daily》 [2014.09.07]
.《Guia in Love》Producers visit Macau Daily《Macau Daily》 [2014.08.28]
.Stephen Chow in interview [2014.06.30]
.Sam Leong in interview from RTHK「戲劇縱橫」 [2014.01.26]
.Sam Leong as a lecture in Christian community「Vision Workshop」 [2014.01.22]
.Director Sam Leong and his wife at 5th Macau International Film Festival [2013.12.23]
.Movie Secret Tour visit Same Way [2013.11.16]
."The Footprints" gala premiere [2013.10.13]
.East Week magazine featured director Sam Leong, main cast Christy Chung and Tony Ho [2013.05.08]
.TVB Weekly featured director Sam Leong and main cast Christy Chung [2013.05.06]
.Sing Tao Daily reported The Incredible Truth gala premiere in Hong Kong [2013.05.02]
.Wen Wei Po reported The Incredible Truth release gala premiere in Hong Kong [2013.05.02]
.East Touch magazine featured director Sam Leong, main cast Christy Chung, Liu Yan and Sam Lee [2013.05.01]
."The Incredible Truth" gala premiere [2013.04.30]
.Oriental Daily reported The Incredible Truth [2013.04.23]
.Beijing International Film Festival [2013.04.23]
."The Incredible Truth" Press Conference [2013.03.18]
.「人生導賞﹣媒體宣教課程」 [2013.02]
."The Incredible Truth" post-production, Sam Lee and Tony Ho dubbing [2012.12]
."Romance D’Latte" Miau Miau Ninja Modeling [2012.11]
."In the Name of Love" series "The Hidden Treasure" photo stills [2012.11]
."In the Name of Love" series "Romance D’Latte" photo stills [2012.11]
."In the Name of Love" series "The Footprint" photo stills [2012.11]
."In the Name of Love" series "The First Stone" photo stills [2012.11]
."The Hidden Treasure" Celebrate party in Singapore [2012.11]
.《Romance D’Latte》 [2012.10]
.《The Hidden Treasure》 [2012.09]
.《First Stone》 [2012.08]
.《The Footprint》 [2012.07]
.Interview [2012.03]
.HKPOST [2011.07]
.the first draft of【天国地图】 [2011.06]
.Passion [2011.04]
.【天国地图】(In progress) [2011.03]